Bespoke Design

Elegance. Simplicity. Innovation. Verandair® have been designing and creating custom made retractable conservatories and garden rooms for 28 years.

PatioScopic Telescopic Conservatories Bespoke Design Door Latch v2The frames are made from super-resistant aluminium powder-coated profile shapes. All the parts are corrosion-proofed inside and outside. All the screws, bolts and accessories are made from A2 stainless steel which enables any dismantling or maintenance operations to be carried out after many years and they do not oxidise over time.

Telescopic conservatories can be built with either glass or polycarbonate side panels. The glass is both shock and break resistant and tolerant to extreme temperature variations. Polycarbonate is also a cost-effective option, with the key advantage of being more resistant than glass and much lighter. The roof structure made with polycarbonate, with a breathable finish, can be either transparent/clear or opaque.

Whilst the building wheels can retract and glide smoothly open on most patio ground surfaces, we also provide the option of guiding rails on the first component section, that can be attached to your floor on each side. Rails can provide further ease of opening for some types and sized conservatories and the suitability can be discussed at the site meeting with one of our technical experts.

Your building will be weather protected on the ground by nylon brushes that are not impacted by UV and protect from leaves and debris.

The Verandair product can be produced in many colours, with a choice of smooth or structured textured RAL colours. Standard colours are white, forest green, charcoal grey and brown.

Patioscopic Telescopic Conservatory Integrated LightingFinally, we offer the option of integrated inside LED lighting with the cables hidden inside the profile. We believe that our lighting options really enhance the building, providing atmospheric lighting for whatever the occasion. Outside lights can also be added, which illuminate in several colours should you wish to draw attention to your building (ideal for restaurants or businesses!) The lighting is controlled by remote-control and powered by solar panels.